The hi:project and sustainability

Sustainability is concerned with the health and resilience of living systems. Human networks ARE, in part, living systems. In every living system, each primary unit’s ability to operate intelligently is what allows collective intelligence to arise. In information and social […]

The hi:project and social business

There are many ways to look at the hi:project. Internet of Things. Privacy. Quantified Self. Vendor Relationship Management. Digital inclusion. Etc. Prompted by a tweet by Dan Pontefract, author of Flat Army: Creating a Connected and Engaged Organization, I just […]

A new chapter of the internet’s impact on human society

Wirearchy is an emergent organizing principle that informs the ways that purposeful human activities and the structures in which they are contained are evolving from top-down direction and supervision (hierarchy’s command-and-control) to champion-and-channel … championing ideas and innovation, and channeling […]