Every member of our project makes connections. They help improve awareness of what we’re up to and why we’re doing it. This community is essential to our mission and currently numbers dozens of people across three continents. Join us here.

Some members are able to give more time, contributing insight and expertise and / or finding resources to make our vision happen. This group evolves and as you’ll note from our principles, we’re very much open to growing it. Here we are:

Reuben Binns, Researcher in Online Privacy and Personal Data

Christina Bowen, Founder at Sageland Consulting

Joe Brewer, Culture Editor, This View of Life Magazine at The Evolution Institute

Ian Brown, Projects Director, Web Science Trust

Gabbi Cahane, Managing Partner, Meanwhile

Kasey Chappelle, Global Privacy Strategy

Adrian Gropper, CEO, HealthURL Consulting

Nic Hinton, Karoshikula

Laura James, Makespace Cambridge, formerly CEO Open Knowledge Foundation

Adriana Lukas, Founder and organiser of London Quantified Self group, Project VRM

Professor Rob Macredie, Professor of Interactive Systems, Brunel University

Anish Mohammed, Information Security Architect, Board of Advisors at Ripple Labs

Jay O’Connor, Partner, Euler Partners

Jeremy Ruston, Founder at Federatial Limited, TiddlyWiki, formerly Head of Open Source Innovation, BT

Philip Sheldrake, Architect of the hi:project, Managing Partner, Euler Partners, Director, techUK

Steve Taylor, Director of Marketing, Linaro

Dr. Ramine Tinati, Web and Data Science Research Fellow, University of Southampton