Can you clarify the emphasis here?

This quote from a lengthy exchange with the head of a large technology consulting firm might help convey our emphasis. It is perhaps subtle but integral nevertheless to our philosophy and execution.


OK. So you are launching a community. That has a stated aim of developing a personalization engine. Which can in turn be used by organizations to personalize interfaces. And you hope that individuals will come and build your open platform and that organizations will use your platform. Yes?


Sort of and yet no. We have quite a different emphasis …

We are inviting people and organizations to join a project, so long as they believe in its purpose and subscribe to the associated values and principles of course. They may be attracted for altruistic, commercial and / or competitive reasons.

We will develop a personalization engine and all the methods, rules and components the engine needs to assemble each of the interfaces accompanying all the roles in life.

Organizations subscribe to this capability, enabling all the people interacting with them to effectively own and control their own interfaces, often incorporating data and information spanning different organizations.