What do you mean by ‘human interface’?

The interface is only attached to the machine today for pre-digital constraints that no longer apply. We move the interface away from the machine towards the actual entity that counts in all of this; you.

This graphic explains human interface by comparison with user interface. It’s repeated below in text format should you have a small screen or use a screen reader.
The hi-project 8th Sept 2014.008

User interface Human interface
50 year old construct fit for 20th Century computing for the pervasive digital environment of the 21st Century
up close to the machine up close to the individual
designed for an ‘average’ user created uniquely for the individual
the organization’s the individual’s
the user must fit to the machine fits the products to the individual
provides interactive information enables knowledge building
degrees of awkwardness ideal, so ‘disappears’
largely static design dynamic, in the moment
‘the interface is the product’ the product is the product