Web Science Trust endorsement and webinar

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Today is a good day.

We enjoyed the opportunity to stream a presentation of the hi:project on a Web Science Trust webinar, and we received an official Letter Of Endorsement from the Trust to boot, signed by Professor Jim Hendler, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, and Professor Dame Wendy Hall, Co-founder and Managing Director.

This is just the thing to keep our energy up. Team communication typically feels like an endless to-do list, so such approval from a fiercely qualified band is a very pleasant change indeed.

The letter identifies specific aspects of the hi:project that attract the WST’s support, including:

  • Propagating openness and decentralization
  • Addressing aspects of privacy by affording individuals greater control over the application of personal data
  • Facilitating mutually valuable participation in society and organizations, and
  • Contributing to the development of a citizen-centric Internet of things.

The webinar is embedded above, and you can find the corresponding Slideshare on this post.

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