We The Data grand challenges and the hi:project

WeTheData.org analysis

The We The Data community describes its purpose in these terms:

The Arab Spring and Zipcar are part of the same data revolution. How? Right now, data may be what we intentionally share, or what is gathered about us – the product of surveillance and tracking. We are the customer, but our data are the product. How do we balance our anxiety around data with its incredible potential? How do we regain more control over what happens to our data and what is targeted at us as a result? We The Data have the power to topple dictators, or empower them. We The Data can broaden economic opportunity to new, as yet unimagined kinds of entrepreneurs, or further consolidate economic power in the hands of a few large corporations. We The Data can create new forms of social cooperation and exchange, or give us more of the same corporate obsession with better targeted advertising. It’s up to us: #wethedata

We The Data has undertaken some unprecedented, fascinating and valuable analysis of the emerging data landscape based on 30 expert interviews, identifying what they describe as the Grand Challenges. Concurrently we have been synthesising the hi:project to address some of those challenges.

It seems only appropriate then to connect the dots, here as PDF and as Scribd embed below …