Photos from our first meetup

Jon Husband presents (photo by Philip Sheldrake) David Orban presents (photo by Philip Sheldrake) Philip Sheldrake presents (by Damian Corbett) Photo by David Terrar And thanks once more to the Postshift team for hosting us, and for the beers of […]

A new chapter of the internet’s impact on human society

Wirearchy is an emergent organizing principle that informs the ways that purposeful human activities and the structures in which they are contained are evolving from top-down direction and supervision (hierarchy’s command-and-control) to champion-and-channel … championing ideas and innovation, and channeling […]

Introducing the hi:project

Hi and welcome to the hi:project. To get off to the best start, I’d like to let others do the talking – three of our champions all of whom learned of the hi:project in recent weeks. I think Doc Searls […]