The first hi:project meetup, 13th October

meetup logoAt the end of our last update we said hold the end of September for the first meetup, but that’s before we knew Jon Husband was going to be in town not long thereafter. The first hi:project meetup, kindly hosted by the Postshift team, is now in the diary for 6pm Monday 13th October, London. The agenda:

  • Lee Bryant framing the discussion
  • Jon Husband talking about wirearchy
  • Philip Sheldrake introducing the hi:project
  • Open discussion

The hi:project brings different communities together, learning from and riffing off each other, synthesizing the respective insights and knowledge interwoven by common values and purpose. These areas include UI and UX and human-computer interaction more broadly, sociology and the future of organization, tech architecture intent on decentralization, vendor relationship management, quantified self, internet of things, social business and digital transformation, education and learning, and future public relations.

Obviously, it would be great to attract outstanding exponents of each of these to the hi:project and to every meetup, to encourage that knowledge sharing and synthesis, but it is impractical to address every aspect of the hi:project at every meetup. And by taking advantage of Jon’s visit to the UK, the first meetup will lean towards the sociological and organizational.

Jon calls himself a ‘social architect’ and defined the word wirearchy all the way back in the 90s. Wirearchy is an emergent organizing principle. It’s about the power and effectiveness of people working together through connection and collaboration, taking responsibility individually and collectively rather than relying on traditional hierarchical status.

Being the first meetup, it will be the very first time the hi:project is presented in such a forum. Being a hi:project champion, Jon thinks the hi:project “may very well become the epitome of Vendor Relationship Management”.

Hope to see you there. Please click here to let us know you’re coming, and feel free to let others know of course.